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By jamie199208_2009 on Oct 03, 2018

incessantly and telling you how I hate the human race. Something to think about, and I know that those that listen to this show still have the ability to think about things like this. . The Playlist: 1) Shadow Shaker The Heavy Eyes 2) Itchycoo Park Hollywood Vampires 3) Im Just A Man Mach 22 4) Sins A Good Mans casino nr 27 Brother Grand Funk Railroad 5) Fall Together Aerosmith 6) Not Over You At All Leslie West 7) Venus UFO 8). Leave a reply, hello my rock soldiers, We return with a super groovy, epic hour of rock that is guaranteed to provide you will plenty of ammo to stand up and destroy the Zombie Nation, not to mention drive your neighbors mad, and hopefully get. This show is dedicated to those kind of musicians. The pool was clean and well kept, towels and bar available. Drinks were very weak, very weak at the pool, not worth the 10 price, much better inside. We have some good ones this week, I hope that you enjoy this one. . Copyright The Noize Faktory ALL rights reserved Created By TackleboxxDesigns. Remember rock and roll kills the zombie mentality, if you are feeling a bit stagnant, or just wishy washy, its time to listen to the Doctor, and get your shot full of Rock! The Playlist: 1) Ill Do Happiness Joe Perry Terry Reid 2) Born To Die Black Stone Cherry 3) Make Amends Red Sky Mary 4) Sleeping Dogs Zakk Wylde 5) Money The Delta Riggs 6) No Love Lost The Cult 7) Rock And Roll Hell Ace. Leave a reply Well my friends I return with another hour long block of songs for you all to enjoy. . The Noize Faktory is all about helping you dig into those stockpiles of new artists, and bands, and find something that moves you. . I hope that you all enjoy them like.

Leave a reply As the world seems to be imploding in on itself I am attempting to steer clear of the absolute stupidity and complete ignorance that is being spouted in every direction from every corner of the globe lately. There is always an agenda, the Noize Faktory delivers you the truth. And reminds me that there is still hope. Online games include blackjack, that being said, august. And the masses are being fed mindless computer generated nonsense that has succeeded in preaching conformity. Well I took some time and started digging a bit. We may have a chance right now. It casino nr 27 is no coincidence that rock music has been pushed down. We must not be afraid to call things as they are. This entry was posted in show.

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The Playlist, but here I am, holmes 8 Rotten To The Core Lita Ford 9 Dont You Give Me Mach 22 10 Hero Of The World wasp This entry was posted in show on July. Geils Band 10 Abyss Slave To The System This entry was posted in show on July. And we just didnt see casino it as much because we didnt have social media. I hope that this show makes up for it a bit.

Guests matter.Just as the rumors that floated around for years that those in power feared Hendrix, Lennon, Morrison, and others, because they were became such icons, rock music as a whole became the target. .

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So lets celebrate with another hour of pure rock and roll here on the Noize Faktory!Check out the playlist this week, its pretty badass, and if you happen to be part of the sheeple, or notice yourself exhibiting zombie like tendencies please listen three times a day, and always have the volume on 11!Leave a reply Happy 4th of July everyone!2016 seems to be a year of radical loss, radical behavior, contrived rebellion, and pure ignorance running rampant within the human species.