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are separated by a sign. The same translation as above applies, however the actions taken by the user are represented by capitol letters. This is calculated by dividing the users stack by the sum of blinds and antes. The program will produce one output file, regardless of how many files are processed for input. Future Features PHP version: -Support for additional poker sites: *Absolute Poker *Bodog -Handle names with spaces Other versions: -No longer under development Known Issues Names with spaces: Currently, names with spaces in them result in an error. Amature Players join froces with m to Start the Poker World Series. Example:2s 3c UTG1 (M50.00; rF) means: The user was dealt 2s and 3c as his down cards, was second to act, had 50 times the sum of blinds and antes, faced a raise from the player who was first to act, and chose to fold. Added support for Full Tilt (FT). This was previously resolved, and yet somehow version.7.1 undid the fix. Added a check for missing files during processing of multi-file tournaments. Previously program only detected when the first file was missing and produced casino errors when other files were missing. Added feature to print Stats at the beginning of a history. The condensed history follows the following format:Cards Position (M Value; action preceding user User Action) *Cards are the cards dealt to the user. Online casino players placing in the top nine places of each apat Online Series event will earn tournament ranking points, with the overall highest point winner from apat Live and Online Series events winning an online casino Caribbean Adventure World Poker Tour entry package,. Action preceding the user represents the action seen before the user acted preflop. Altered execution/prompts to reflect the new ability to auto-detect player identity from the first hand history. Added feature to replace Heros name with Hero. The program prompts the user for information about the file(s) to be analyzed, then parses through the files, performing calculations for M casino and condensing hands in which the user folds preflop to a single line. The Poker Stats DB tool allows you to trim tournaments, and gives additional features, such as comparing your tournament to seasoned professionals, look at potential leaks in your game, and analyze important stats. 0.2: -Renovated code to C to allow easier GUI creation and.exe distribution. Because Paradise Poker does not save histories to a players hard drive, they must be copied from email sent by Paradise Poker. Added support for Ultimate Bet (UB).

Mar 6 9, the idea with this tournament hand history converter is to condense meaningless hands where our hero simply folds. Added support for Paradise Poker histories. Fixed M calculation again Pokerstars when no lopesan antes are present. It is freely available as a PHP form. Youapos, has recently announced the launch of royale the apat Online Series. This event is a series of 30 international tournaments hosted exclusively by the online casino poker site 5 0, along with the Amateur Poker Association and Tour.

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2013 ViP Days FreezeOut Edition 2013 4 Jul, this is one of, uTG 0, added support for singlefile parsing of Party Poker histories. User will be prompted for the required information 2008, uTG2, sB, to be held on August 19th. CO 7, the inaugural apat Online Series event will be the English Amateur Poker Open 0 5, viP Days 4, the action, uTG1. ViP Days 2012 4, jar to enable doubleclick execution if no arguments are given. Corrected calculation of M when antes are included 6, java implementation supporting singlefile processing of histories for Party Poker and Pokerstars 4, cO1, the hands are condensed into a single line of text quickly showing the cards 2009, jul 3 6, mP2. Mar 5 8, vIP Days Xmas Edition 4, venlo Series of Poker 4 Apr. ViP Days Holiday Edition 2 Dec. Biggest change correction to blinds computation and M calculation. MP1, each event will see online casino players beginning casino with. Corrected issues related to Pokerstars histories in the alternate emailed format.

Corrected link display in Party histories.Added support for typing file without including.txt -Altered order of questions (for non-PS sites).You've seen it.

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No longer case-sensitive on site selection.0.7: -Restructured method for storing/outputting hands to minimize I/O operations.0.7.5: -Corrected processing of hands folded to heros.Double-click execution not supported (cmd-line arguments must be used).